Tank sponsorships sustain the maintenance and operational requirements of our fish collection at the Belle Isle Aquarium, keeping the animals and their exhibits healthy, happy, and beautiful for visitors to view. 

Tank sponsorships are available for 12 month terms and are priced via the size of the tank and level of care required for the species residing in the tank. Generally the price points are: 

  • Small tanks (<500 gallons): $2,500+

  • Medium tanks (500 - 1,000 gallons): $5,000+

  • Large tanks (>1,000 gallons): $10,000+

Sponsor names are displayed prominently on the tank exhibit in one of two formats. For Option 1, the donor name can be up to two lines and up to 24 characters (including spaces) in each line. For Option 2, the donor name and the tributee name can be up to 24 characters on one line. The tributee may be identified as someone the sponsorship is made in honor, memory, or celebration of.   

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Option 1

Option 2


*as of July 25, 2018; subject to change

SMALL ($2,500+)

  • Tropical Gar, Cuban Gar

  • Mbu Puffer

  • Bass

  • Pumpkinseed

  • Black Crappie

  • Bluegill

  • Goodeid

  • African Clawed Frogs

  • Gar​

MEDIUM ($5,000+)

  • Alligator Gar, Tropical Gar

  • Invasive Secies

  • Bass

  • Walleye, Perch

  • Piranhas

  • Electric Eels

  • Lungfish

  • Cichlids 

  • Sturgeon

LARGE ($10,000+)

  • Moray Eel and various reef fishes

  • Gar, Bowfin, and various Great Lakes fishes


  • Polypterus, sponsored by Ricky Tang

  • Stingrays, Dorados, Arowana, sponsored by Siouxsan Miller

  • Gourami, sponsored by Charlotte Robson 

  • Cichlids, sponsored by the Fenton Family

  • Salt water alcove, sponsored by the Fenton Family

  • Piranhas, sponsored by Vesco Oil

  • Alligator Snapping Turtle, sponsored by Shell Oil

  • Sturgeon, sponsored by Pat Fenton 

Sponsorship terms are 12 months, with right of first refusal to renew. Tank sponsorship availability and costs vary by tank, and prices shown are for informational purposes only.

For more information, contact Eric Lofquist at lofquiste@belleisleconservancy.org or 313.331.7760.

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