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David Brostek: The Car-Puter

David Brostek is a creative.

Working as a carpenter and artist, he is always designing and bringing something new into existence. One day he decided he wanted something bigger.

Something different. Something for himself. And definitely something he’s never done before.

“I just wanted to do a big art piece”, Brostek simply stated.

After coming across a large supply of old recycled computer parts, the idea came to him. Taking the large variety of electronics he had amassed, he then went out and took a step nobody could have guessed- he bought a car.

The next move in his grand idea took him one year to complete.

He began to painstakingly arrange and glue different types of computer electronics all over his new car, a 1991 Ford Escort. He would painstakingly trim out every section he wanted to use with metal shears and then glue them to the car, always careful to make sure there was interesting elements and transitions wherever you looked on the car.

“You never know how many different types of color green there are until you do a project like this.” Said Brostek, referring to the immense variety of colored computer parts he was working with.

He took care to organize how he laid out the parts. He’ll be quick to tell you he’s not at all a computer guy. He would rather organize his layout based off of how he thought the parts would visually work together, what they could represent and look like as a hole. It became a new world for him. He’d point to some sections, saying how they could look like a city from high above, or how small round fan blade could be imagined a sports arena in a city.

When 2006 came to close as a year, so did he project. Over 1,500 pieces came together on his car. No longer was is a ’91 Ford Escort, now it was ‘CAR-PUTER’, and it was immediately something Brostek took pride in. He loves driving it around town, in parades and talking about it with curious people. He keeps it in his garage and only drives it around on nice days. Only twice in the eleven years of driving it has he been caught in a rain shower.

For him the enjoyment is how much curiosity and enjoyment it can inspire. He loves how the variety of parts on his car look in the sunlight, the small moving pieces, how there is always something different to look at.

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