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Unleash the Dragon: Adopt-a-Koi! 

This spring we invite you to unleash the dragon and Adopt-a-Koi! When you support the
Belle Isle Conservancy with the Adopt-a-Koi program, your $30 adoption cost helps us in our
upstream swim to support the Belle Isle Aquarium and our fish friends, like the Koi. 

In Japan, families honor the nobility of the Koi fish on a holiday called Children's Day
(originally Boys' Day). The Koi fish is regarded as a symbol of perseverance in Japanese culture because they swim upstream no matter what the conditions are. And as legend tells it, once a Koi fish reaches the top of the falls, it turns into a dragon. Koi-shaped windsocks, or Koinobori, can be seen flying in front of homes to commemorate the Children's Day holiday, as the Koinobori represent the members of the inhabiting family. 

To honor the symbolic adoption of a Koi, supporters will receive an adoption package including:

  • Adoption certificate + Species info

  • Pair of Koi fish lapel pins

  • Souvenir Koinobori windsock + handheld telescoping pole

  • Belle Isle Koi postcard

BICKF21 Pin Card Example.jpg

Adopt your Koi by April 20th for your
Koinobori to arrive in time for Children's Day on May 5th.
We hope to resume the annual Koi Festival in 2022. 

Special thank you to the Japanese Business Society of Detroit
for their support of the Adopt-a-Koi program. 

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