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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we haven't been able to connect with our visitors in the same way we usually would. Our staff has been working hard to create and curate educational and entertaining resources for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home. Scroll down to explore some of our many options!

Join us for a Watch Party

Join us for an ongoing series of “First Friday” events, co-hosted by Great Lakes Now, the Belle Isle Conservancy, and WDET-FM 101.9, Detroit public radio. Co-hosts Sandra and AnnaMarie chat with guests from BIC and the Detroit River Coalition about all things Belle Isle and Detroit River. 

GLN november.jpg

Explore the Belle Isle Aquarium on a Virtual Tour!

We are excited to offer you two educational virtual tours of the Belle Isle Aquarium. One focuses on the Aquarium's collection and the other on its history and architecture. 

TV Into the Congo.jpg

Take a virtual field trip at the Belle Isle Aquarium!

Join our Education Team as they guide you through a field trip at the Belle Isle Aquarium. You will discover the food chains that lie in our tanks and the role of decomposers in the Belle Isle ecosystem. Make sure you download the worksheet so you can follow along!

Part 1                                                           Part 2

Play a round of Belle Isle bingo!

Host your own Bingo party with these Belle Isle themed Bingo cards. 

Explore Nature at Home with the Michigan DNR

As many of Michigan's younger residents are currently out of school, the MDNR has been working to provide some fun and educational activities aimed at history and the outdoors. They've put together an extensive list of links and materials to provide kids and their caregivers with plenty to do.

Protect Belle Isle from Invasive Species!

board game.jpg

Invaders are taking over Belle Isle! We need your help to protect the island from invasive species. In this game learn what you can do to prevent the spread of nature’s enemies. The fate of Belle Isle is up to you!


Test your knowledge:

Host a virtual trivia game!

Get ready for game night with your favorite people without ever leaving your home! Test your knowledge of Michigan’s wildlife, history, trees, and more! Work individually, or with a team, to compete and claim the title of “The Ultimate Michigander.”

Take on the role of “MichiGame Master” and facilitate trivia night with your fellow trivia buffs. Sign up below and you will be provided the rules, questions, and answer key.

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