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A Letter from the President & CEO

As we celebrate 10 years of being Belle Isle Conservancy, we are taking time to reflect on all we have accomplished and all that we have yet to achieve. Since the Conservancy's founding in 2012, we have brought almost $14 million in impact to Belle Isle through capital improvements, re-opening and operating the Belle Isle Aquarium, providing high-quality environmental and education programs, community engagement, and increased volunteerism. Great parks need broad-based support.  And every day we are building coalitions, investing in partnerships, and providing direct services to make that happen – now and forever.

While we celebrate this milestone, we can never forget our community roots which span decades of support for Belle Isle. The desire to help sustain the viability of the park and all its assets led four volunteer organizations to merge, establishing our mission to

keep the legacy of support thriving. Being the private-sector partner of two government entities, we have been presented with the unique opportunity to serve a place that is a State Park by policy and a neighborhood park by both legacy and geography. We applaud the many improvements MDNR has brought to Belle Isle since 2014 and the continued commitment that the City of Detroit brings to this island jewel. And we are honored to serve in this partnership capacity to help steward the well-being of one of Michigan's most important destinations, one of Detroit's most important cultural and natural assets.

In all that we do, the heart of our work has always been and will remain with the park user. For without the people to experience the places and nature of Belle Isle, our work loses some of its purpose. It is our sincere hope that you will join us in shaping the future of Belle Isle in a way that reflects the multitude of ways that the Detroit community uses this unique park in the middle of the Detroit River. So as we celebrate 10 years of impact this year we urge you to join us for events and programs, visit the Aquarium, get involved as a volunteer, or simply visit Belle Isle to take in her beauty. Thank you for supporting our journey thus far, and for continuing to be at the table as we work together for Detroit's island jewel. 




We cordially invite you to become a founding member of the Belle Isle Giving Society by making an annual contribution. Inspired by Belle Isle’s iconic bridges, each level of the Giving Society provides unique benefits.

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