The Belle Isle Conservancy Education Department's purpose is to inspire our visitors to feel connected with and care about the environments around them and throughout the world. 


Thank you for your interest in field trips and tours on Belle Isle! We are now booking for Summer 2022! Please contact Taylor Mock at to schedule.
Note: All bookings require a $50 deposit.


Take a deep dive into the Belle Isle Aquarium. Visit our beautiful, historic building from the comfort of, well, anywhere! We are now offering virtual tours for groups looking to explore our tanks and get to know some fish from all over the world. All groups are welcome! Tours are 50 minutes in length and require a fee of $75. No attendance limit.

Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 1:30pm


Educators, now your guppies can visit the fishes! The Belle Isle Aquarium is excited to once again offer in-person field trips for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes. Visit some awesome aquatic animals from all over the world. Take the plunge and book your field trip today! Tours are 50 minutes in length and require a fee of $5 per person. Between 15 - 30 attendees allowed.

Available Monday, 9:30am, 11:30am.


Are your Scouts looking to earn a badge? Why not immerse your troop in a tour of the Belle Isle Aquarium! The Belle Isle Aquarium is proud to offer 1-hour-long tours for Scout groups of all levels. Visit the waters of the Amazon, the Congo River, and everywhere in between. Get ready to soak in this experience! Tours require a fee of $10 per person. Between 8 - 30 attendees allowed. 

Available Saturday, Sunday, 9am.

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Want to know more about Belle Isle Aquarium's history, its aquatic residents and little known facts? Join our expert staff for a 50-minute in-person tour of this unique 1904 institution. Tours require a fee of $8 per person. Between 10 - 30 attendees allowed. 

Available Monday, 10:30am, 2:30pm.


Balance due 2 weeks prior to the program. Your deposit will be forfeited if cancelation is not made within 2 weeks of your scheduled program date.

Explore our on-demand options!

Take a virtual field trip at the Belle Isle Aquarium!

Join our Education Team as they guide you through a field trip at the Belle Isle Aquarium. You will discover the food chains that lie in our tanks and the role of decomposers in the Belle Isle ecosystem. Make sure you download the worksheet so you can follow along!

Part 1                                                           Part 2

Explore the Belle Isle Aquarium!

We are excited to offer you two educational virtual tours of the Belle Isle Aquarium. One focuses on the Aquarium's collection and the other on its history and architecture. 

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