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Belle Isle Conservancy is accepting applications for private rentals for dates
ranging from September 2023 through April 2024.

The Aquarium rental rate is $2500, which provides the client with a site manager, event insurance, access to our available furnishings and facility access beginning
at 4:30 PM on the rental date.

No private rentals of the Aquarium are available between April and September when the island is warmest, and park use is at its highest capacities. High park use means that access to the island may become purposefully impeded by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources law enforcement officers to manage vehicular traffic by closing access to the MacArthur Bridge and denying entry to the park until traffic dissipates. These occurrences

can happen randomly based on the park's capacity and can last up to two hours at a time. 

Additionally, the Aquarium is nearly 120 years old and does not have a modern heating and cooling system. The lack of equipment to manage the facility's indoor climate poses a substantial threat to the integrity of the events held at the facility
and the well-being of its guests, especially during the warm months. 

The visitor experience is an utmost priority. By supporting the Belle Isle Aquarium
private rental program, you help us to make the necessary improvements to the
facility as we strive to provide the best guest experience. 


For additional information regarding Belle Isle Aquarium event rentals, please email

A member of the Belle Isle Aquarium Events Team will be in touch with you! 

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